Career in Sekuro


Human Resources Policy

  • To prioritize the motivation of our personnel and their commitment to the company,
  • To maximize the performance of our personnel by providing them with the opportunities to improve themselves,
  • To create a equality of opportunity among our personnel,
  • To follow a transparent and clear management policy for our personnel,
  • To protect the material and spiritual rights of our personnel,
  • To make rational, fair assessments in accordance with the company goals in recruitments, placements and organization structuring,
  • To review our Human Resources Policy, update and develop constantly are our main principles.


Contribution to Personal Development Equality of Opportunities

Recruitment and Placement

We perform our recruitment processes in order to employ the candidates who are the most appropriate for our personnel needs and the quality of the position in accordance with the company strategy and our objectives.

The fact that our candidates have competences suitable to the especially company vision, values and institution culture and have a high motivation, and they are open to development and changes, self-confident, well-educated, one to create a difference in the business is important for us.

You can make application for our company from the application section of our website.

The candidates whose applications are evaluated and backgrounds are approved are invited to the interview by the relevant department managers and human resources department. 

Employment offer is made to the candidates whose interviews are approved and about whom positive reference is received.

Our Privacy Principle

All of our job interviews and their contents are definitely not shared with the third persons in accordance with our privacy principle.